Musica della Belle Epoque - Opere scelte per trio


Ettore ed Ermenegildo Carosio

CD "Ali Dorate"

Homage to Ettore and Ermenegildo Carosio  famous composers from the Belle Epoque

Middle-Classic ensemble


1 Prime viole , Waltzer  per mandolino, mandola, chitarra Ettore Carosio 1901
2 Detective Rag,   Celebre one-step per mandolino, mandola, chitarra  E.Carosio
3 Ali dorate,   Mazurka per 2 mandolini, chitarra Ermenegildo Carosio 1901
4 Voluttà,  Waltzer per mandolino, mandola, chitarra Ermenegildo Carosio 1897
5 Petite Berceuse,  Andantino per  mandolino, mandola, chitarra Ermenegildo Carosio 1905
6 Dormi!.. ,Berceuse per mandolino, chitarra E.Carosio
7 Sempre l'amore,  Valzer Boston per mandolino, mandola, chitarra E. Carosio 1916
8 Graziosa, Polka per mandolino, chitarra E.Carosio
9  L'etoile,  Fox-trot per mandolino, chitarra E.Carosio



Middle-Classic ensemble

Dora Filippone, mandolin
Elena Parasacco, mandolin and mandola
Alessio Nebiolo, guitar

Recorded by Maurizio Benedetti, Turin, Italy,    August 2011
Mastering: Andrea Bianchi
Artistic direction: Dora Filippone
Mandolins: Luigi Embergher 1911 and  1927
Guitar : Ignacio Fleta 1967

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Middle-Classic ensemble

A special moment for the musical repertoire of the century, it was one where the classical music "lighter" - we speak of waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, the dance in general - was exported to America and South America with the great phenomenon European immigration. When he returned to Europe had become contaminated by rhythms and harmonies of jazz and from those of other non-European musical cultures: the phenomenon is known as "swing." With the birth of radio, television and especially the kind of record "classic" and the newborn, nicknamed "light" split permanently. Under the pressure of historical and economic events, the advent of industry and application technology to the sound, they will react in a different way: the genre "classic" is his face toward the musical avant-garde rising, while the "light" will triumphantly into people's homes through the means of mass communication.
Middle-classic wants to capture that special moment of the last decade of the 1800, and the rise of the new century, 1900, in which the two genres not yet distinct live.

Middle-Classic Ensemble consists of musicians who are dedicated, as part of the Project Guitare-Actuelle directed by Dora Filippone, the execution of rare and unpublished literature mandolin and guitar. Their interest in a precise and documented historical reconstruction of performance practices, as well as character of the society they belong to the music of the authors has been proposed appreciated with concerts in Italy, Germany and France. In 2010, on the occasion of 150 years of the Conservatory of Alessandria intervened in the demonstrations music composers dedicated to the Alexandrian, contributing to the rediscovery of Carosio brothers, whose Ermenegildo to be recognized with the experiment
Mandolin-ragtime, he was one of the pioneers of jazz in Italy.




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